Sunday, December 17, 2006

U.S. 41 state trooper (click photo to play)

Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper Chris Honish knows better than most about the booming increase in traffic on U.S. 41. He's been patrolling the highway in Winnebago and Fond du Lac counties for 18 years. Honish discusses the changes in traffic volume, the behavior of motorists and the challenges of keeping things under control on northeastern Wisconsin's busiest thoroughfare.


Blogger HonishDaDouche said...

Maybe Trooper Honish should worry more about people actually driving dangerously instead of petty things like muffler violations or pulling people over just because he thinks the car looks fast. Police like this should stop wasting everyones time with BS "traffic" issues and actually do something to protect people, like busting actual criminals. Traffic cops have their jobs because they got all C's in high school, not because they want to protect and serve. You know, if he really wants to make a difference, pull people over who dont make it up to speed while merging or who drive 10mph too slow to "conserve gas". Ass.

5:26 PM  
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