Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trip to Waveland, MS & New Orleans

My trip to New Orleans included a visit to my good friend Joe Solome, who lives in Waveland, MS with his wife Katie and their three children. We had a lot of fun celebrating my birthday on Bourbon St. We also saw a lot of the destruction from Hurricane Katrina as the eye of the storm went directly over their small town, virtually leveling it. While the structure of Joe's home was spared, five feet of water flooded their home destroying everything. After gutting their home to nothing but the frame, they've replaced all the drywall, electrical, and plumbing. All their belongings, including clothes, photos, family heirlooms, etc. were lost.
Joe's wife Katie, has parents and a sister who were not so lucky. Having their homes and small business feet from the shoreline, the storm wiped everything away. Nothing but the foundation's were left of their property.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

onsider yourself bookmarked. I love your photography and was psyched to find your blog. I've been reading/watching for an hour...and laughing so much that my husband went and got my earphones for the laptop in a not-so-subtle hint to shut my piehole.
Congrats on the marathon. I've run a couple of them but only ran the FCM half this year. I'm pretty sure that your mom's sign takes the cake for best of the 2006 race.
Oh, and you have my dream job. I can always tell which photos are yours without having to read the bi line.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Mike De Sisti said...

Thanks! Yea, I don't do too much still photography shooting these days since I'm doing mostly video and multimedia stuff. But thanks for checking out my work. This is mostly my fun stuff. My official "work blog" has my stuff plus the rest of the P-C staff. Check that out too.

11:15 AM  
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